outside door

The door is an element of woodwork that should separate occupants from tumult of public life, isolate from chill, protect against unwelcome people and should be the showcase of a house, restaurant or institution. The door makes the first impression of guests visiting the building, it is the element seen often and used by occupants or users. That is why the choice of suitable exterior and interior door is extremely important. GLUMATEX company, producing woodwork against order, treats each product individually as regards its uniqueness of form and shape. We put a special emphasis on the quality of wood used to door production (pine or mahogany plywood), its tightness (gasket in the whole circuit), quality of workmanship as well as aesthetics and functionality. For finishing wood surfaces we use lacquers of ADLER company in all coloured variants, clear coloured (transparent) as well as body.

Additional aesthetic virtues make interesting structural solutions, appropriate arrangement of astragals, application of sets of ornamental, polished plate and convex glass, stained-glass windows, decorative carvings and accessories such as: handles, knobs, handrails, knockers. Variety of exterior as well as interior door models, which can be freely modified, makes choosing possible completely according to Client’s requirements.