Shutters Systems » Wooden window shutters

Meeting our clients’ demands, we have introduced to our offer more and more popular in our country wooden window shutters. We put a special emphasis on the quality of raw materials used to production of window shutters, its functionality as well as aesthetics. Window shutters, which we produce against order on the basis of the original project, are individual and unique products.

Our wooden window shutters protect your house against:

  • insolation
  • loss of heat
  • noise
  • wind
  • attempted burglaries

We make all our products from pine, mahogany or other wood of the highest quality, suggested by a client. Thickness of a frame is 80 x 40, what allows us to reach sizeable dimensions without necessity of making divisions in a sash. We use ferrules of German producer ROTO that give an aesthetic finish. Each sash can be installed to a window frame, trim or wall.
We are able to produce each type and model according to client’s expectations (lamelled, complete, boarding as well as mixed).